Areas of Activity

Research And Development is one of the main areas of Activity of SoftPro since SoftPro targets to be a “product company” also together with the service portfolio it offers to its clients.

The R&D activities of SoftPro is mainly on Geographical Information Systems and specifically focuses on massive image interpretation technologies. 

SoftPro targets to be one of the main solution providers on large scale raster data analysis tools with artificial intelligence perspective.

SoftPro offers its clients turnkey software solutions and services with its access to a large pool of high skill freelance software developers with very high expertice in Java, Python, Javascript, C++, C#, PHP, .NET languages.

SoftPro depending on the need of the client, establishes a team including developers with related skills where, management is done by SoftPro team. 

The team and their detailed skill-set is proposed to our client before kick-off. 

Softpro’s capability of utilizing the required developers in minimum time with a cost efficient structure provides its clients time and cost saving together with guaranteed results minimizing project risks.

SoftPro offers its clients support when establishing their permanent or project based software development teams. Following a detailed evaluation of the client’s need, SoftPro offers its clients the right staff with the right skill set avoiding overqualified or underqualified recruitments .

SoftPRo staffing services has 2 options:

  • Provision of Staff and work placing

In this option SoftPro, after a detailed analysis of the need of its client, proposes a set of developers for each required skillset.

  • Permanent or Project Based Staffing

In this option SoftPro recruits the selected set of Software developers onbehalf of its client and also optionally provides management service.

SoftPro ,  has access to various senior consultants and advisors globally focusing on various diciplines and sectors. The expert pool of SoftPro covers a wide spectrum from freelance experts to experts and/or consultants  working for NGOs in respective sectors. 

Main Sectors we cover are:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Environment

SoftPro following preliminary agreement with its client, performs detailed analysis of its client’s need and identifies potential experts and/or consultants with a best fit for the need.

Such experts and/or consultants are proposed for the client’s review.  Following approval of the team, SoftPro either manages the whole process with the consultants and or experts as a contractor or hires them to its client depending on the client’s preference.